Lying Blind

This Book Is Temporarily Unavailable. New Editions Coming Soon! In a breathtaking infinity pool on a sprawling Pasadena estate, the naked body of a beautiful young woman floats facedown in a drift of rose petals

The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook

Dianne’s original recipe, Croque Madame Californienne, is included in this illustrated cookbook featuring more than 100 recipes from legendary mystery authors. Whether you’re planning a sinister dinner party or whipping up some comfort food perfect

Killing Secrets

This Book Is Temporarily Unavailable. New Editions Coming Soon! When she gets the call, Nan Vining responds as a mother first and a detective second. Her daughter, Emily, has made a gruesome discovery in a


Sexy and savvy Iris Thorne has made it to the big corner office of the glittering yet cutthroat Los Angeles investment firm, McKinney Alitzer. She’s looking ahead to a bright future with new boyfriend Garland

Faith’s Secret – Short Story in SHAKEN

Dianne’s story, “Faith’s Secret,” is in this anthology. Proceeds of all purchases are donated to the Japan Relief Fund to aid victims of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and resulting tsunami waves. SHAKEN: STORIES FOR JAPAN

The Night Visitor

This Book Is Temporarily Unavailable. New Editions Coming Soon! Gorgeous and successful, Rory Langtry seemed to have it all. Daughter of a movie star and sister of a supermodel, Rory was engaged to sexy artist,


From where she stands in her newly purchased beachfront bungalow—complete with cozy garage for her beloved red Triumph convertible—life looks good for investment counselor Iris Thorne. The only clouds on her horizon are her boss

Fast Friends

A sexy and surefooted investment counselor, who made her ride to the top in her red Triumph, circa 1972, Iris Thorne seems unshakable. She’s never looked back on her long climb up—certainly not as far

Slow Squeeze

Iris Thorne survived the purge following McKinney Alitzer’s chain of scandals. The murders, money-laundering, and million-dollar embezzlement were front-page dirt—and rumor has it that Iris knows where the bucks are buried. Now she’s the firm’s