They’re Playing Our Song

Each year when my husband and I celebrate our anniversary, we always dance to “our song.” Here’s how we found it. In the spring of 1999, my groom, Charlie, and I were planning our wedding,

This Book is Bound for…

Glory? I hope. Heartbreak? I’m steeled for it. Over the many years that I’ve been writing and publishing, I’ve experienced my share of both. My standalone novel, the book-of-my-heart, which I’ve labored over for a

That Girl and Me

That girl in the photo is me in 1970 at 16 years old. It pretty much sums up my attitude during my adolescence: wary, protective, and kind of ticked off. Don’t get me wrong. That

Life Blooms. The Writing Life Too.

The world is somewhere within the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet springtime blooms and writers write. This writer (me) has at last finished the standalone semi-autobiographical novel that I’ve been laboring over for a few years. Strange

Choosing Fiction to Tell the Truth

The book I’m working on now is different from anything I’ve written before. I’m taking a break from my Nan Vining series and writing a semi-autobiographical standalone novel about life with my mentally ill mom. In

Lying Blind Pub Day and PJs

Lying Blind (Nan Vining #6) is now on sale! This is my twelfth published book and publication day never gets old. My baby is released into the world at last. Of course, I hope that

The Comeback Character

Five years have passed between my last Detective Nan Vining mystery and my latest one, Killing Secrets, the fifth in the series (out July 21, 2015 by Alibi/Random House). During that time, I was busy