The world is somewhere within the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet springtime blooms and writers write. This writer (me) has at last finished the standalone semi-autobiographical novel that I’ve been laboring over for a few years. Strange that it happened during a global pandemic, but whaddya gonna do? “The Book” (it has a title but I like to hold my cards close) has moved from my office and begun its journey into the maze of the publishing world.

Whenever I finish a book and send it off, I always feel a sense of loss. Thoughts of the characters come to me as if I’m missing loved ones, which I am. I’ve spent countless hours with them. But when I think about “The Book,” I feel great contentment. It took a tortuously twisty path to get there but I fulfilled the overarching vision I had for this book. And–I’ll stick my neck out but others have told me–it’s really good. How the publishing marketplace will respond is never a given but I choose to be optimistic that this book will find a perfect home where it will be loved.

So please stayed tuned. Thank you for your continued support of my work. Even during this dark time, something beautiful can bloom.



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