You may have noticed that most versions of my Nan Vining Mysteries are no longer for sale. The E-books are unavailable and many of the paper copies are in limited supply. This is temporary. Nan will be back in beautiful new paper and e-book editions and hopefully audio too!

This happened because I was able to regain the rights to these books from my publisher. That’s great news because it means that I now own these books and I can republish them any way that I like!

I’m holding off doing anything with those titles right now, waiting to see what happens with “The Book,” my recently finished standalone novel. I would like to continue with Nan Vining and have been mulling over ideas for the next book, which will be the seventh in the series.

Here are the titles that are currently unavailable or have limited availability:

Nan Vining Series: The First Cut, Cut to the Quick, The Deepest Cut, Love Kills, Killing Secrets, Lying Blind

The Night Visitor (a standalone mystery)

Many new projects in the works. Thank you for accompanying me on this journey.


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  • Grkitty1

    I’ve really enjoyed the first four Nan Vining books. I’m very disappointed to be unable to find book 5 and 6, but now I understand the problem. Please keep me updated to when they will be available. Thank you

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