Happy New Year everyone! With this new year, I’m delighted to introduce my completely redesigned Website. I think it looks fabulous and I’m sure you’ll agree.  It was designed and developed by the very creative Stef Serafin. If you need help with your Website, do contact Stef. We’re still fine-tuning the site and polishing some of the pages.

What’s going on with my books? Lots! I’ve been busy with several book projects. I’ve been having fun lightly editing and re-releasing my first series, the Iris Thorne Mysteries, which were originally out during the nineties. The first two, Cold Call and Slow Squeeze, are out now as e-books (for the first time ever) and trade paperbacks (also for the first time ever). There are three more in the series and they’ll be out in 2012.

It was interesting for me to revisit my first books and the debut author I was then. I blogged about it here.

As far as brand-new books?  I don’t like talking about my works in progress. Just superstitious that way. Just know that I’m always writing… always writing.

Happy new year.



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  • Charles Emley

    Of course I’m biased but….it does look great and good luck in 2012 with your new books and reissue of the Great Iris Thorne series they are wonderful!

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