Reads of Summers Past

This week, Summer 2013 officially ends. Everyone’s back to work full-steam. Me too. I’m always sad to see August go. August is my favorite summer month. It’s slow and still.  It seems not just okay to

The Care and Feeding of Your Editor

“The Care and Feeding of Your Editor” was the panel I moderated at the 2013 California Crime Writers Conference held last June in Pasadena, California.  It also describes my conundrum over how to care for

No One’s Pushover

I’m continuing my blog series at Elizabeth White’s Book Reviews about revisiting my first series, the Iris Thorne Mysteries, originally published in the 1990s and now available as e-books and trade paperbacks.  This is my

The Next Big Thing

There’s a viral blog event going around called the Next Big Thing where writers talk about what they’re working on now or what’s coming out soon. I’ve been tagged by Matt Coyle, author of Yesterday’s Echo, 

Past is Prologue

I’m blogging today at the Sirens of Suspense about how reconnecting with my first books, the Iris Thorne Mysteries, has informed my later works.  Check it out, comment, love it, etc. Thank you, Dianne.

Foolproof Schemes and Foolish Dreams

I’m continuing my series of guest posts at Elizabeth A. White’s Book Reviews about revisiting after 15 years my newly re-published Iris Thorne Mysteries. This time, I’m talking about my journey to Foolproof, Iris Thorne #4. Check

Beware the Sophomore Jinx

I’m guest blogging at Book Reviews by Elizabeth A. White, discussing my adventures while writing my second book, Slow Squeeze, and facing the sophomore jinx.  You might find it interesting. The photo above was taken

Happy New Year and New Website!

Happy New Year everyone! With this new year, I’m delighted to introduce my completely redesigned Website. I think it looks fabulous and I’m sure you’ll agree.  It was designed and developed by the very creative Stef Serafin.

Slow Squeeze

“[Emley’s] approach to her material is strikingly unusual.  The characters, including Iris Thorne herself, have a lifelike complexity, and the portrait of Los Angeles . . . is masterfully drawn . . . . SLOW