That Girl and Me

That girl in the photo is me at 16 years old. Behind those wary eyes is quite a story, which I’ve been crafting into a novel, the most challenging book I’ve written. Read about it

Life Blooms. The Writing Life Too.

The world is somewhere within the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet springtime blooms and writers write. This writer (me) has at last finished the standalone semi-autobiographical novel that I’ve been laboring over for a few years. Read

Where’d You Go, Nan Vining?

You may have noticed that most versions of the six books in my Nan Vining Series are no longer for sale. The E-books are unavailable and many of the paper copies are in limited supply.

Choosing Fiction to Tell the Truth

The book I’m working on now is different from anything I’ve written before. I’m taking a break from my Nan Vining series and writing a semi-autobiographical standalone novel about life with my mentally ill mom.┬áIn